Michael Aldridge

George Bey

Michael Brooks

Jeremiah Byrne

Cassie Yates Clagett

Louis Cook

Laurel Doheny

J. Brannon Dupree

Robert C. Ewald

Maria A. Fernandez

Bart Greenwald

Brenda Griggs

Martha Hasselbacher

Rev. John Henderson

Tanisha A. Hickerson

Shelly Ann Kamei

Rashid McClain

Christie Moore


Lisa Nicholson

JoAnn Orr (Second Vice Chair)

Thomas Philpott

Delores Pregliasco

Kendrick R. Riggs (Chair)

Robert A. Riley (Secretary)

Rose Robinson

Roosevelt Smith

William F. Stewart

R. James Straus (First Vice Chair)

Ronald Triplett

Pavel Reyes Valdes

Patricia Van Houten

J. Scott Wantland

T. Morgan Ward, Jr.

Cynthia W. Young


Board meetings are held at the Legal Aid Society at 4:00 PM on the following dates in 2019:  February 12, April 11, June 25, September 17, and December 10.

Legal Aid Society • 416 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., Suite 300 • Louisville, KY 40202 • (502) 584-1254 • (800) 292-1862
Custody and Visitation Hotline (844) 673-3470
Veterans Hotline (844) 268-0838

We are proud to be a Metro United Way Participating Agency. 
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