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Nevera Roberts was a victim of the foreclosure crisis. Click here to listen to Nevera tell her story.  She explains how a Legal Aid attorney helped save her home.


With help from Legal Aid’s Family Law Unit, “Emily” obtained a domestic violence order against her husband and hoped sh
e had finally escaped his physical abuse. As she was running errands in her truck one day, Emily’s husband found her and tried to run her off the road. To escape his desperate attempt to hurt her, Emily jumped out of her truck. Her husband tried to force her into his car and told her he would drive his car off a bridge with both of them in it. He also attempted to choke her. Emily was saved as a retired police officer drove by, called the police, and helped Emily escape.


“Nancy” is a 69 year-old widow and church secretary who worked her entire life to build a comfortable retirement. Unable to keep up with the rising costs of her expenses, Nancy fell behind on her mortgage payments. Shortly after her home entered the foreclosure process, Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nancy become unable to speak and lost her job when the cancer spread to her vocal chords.

Nancy turned to the Legal Aid Society for help. Due to the severity of Nancy’s situation, her Legal Aid attorney delayed her vacation to Florida and immediately began negotiations with Nancy’s mortgage company. She was able to negotiate a loan modification which reduced Nancy’s combined mortgage and escrow payment from $425 per month to $217 per month. In fact, the first payment under her new agreement was made from Legal Aid’s Eberthausen Fund, an account funded by gifts from Legal Aid employees to help our most distressed clients.

Update:  Just days ago Legal Aid received word that Nancy's bank cancelled the $27,743 balance on her loan as a result of the National Mortgage Settlement Agreement. Many thanks go to the tireless advocacy of staff attorneys Laura Brent and Gwen Horton, whose good work has enabled Nancy to enjoy her retirement without the burden of a mortgage.

Lamond Russell was wrongfully evicted until a Legal Aid attorney stepped in and kept him and his family in their home.  Click here to listen to Lamond tell his story.


Click here to learn about Ellen Sloan who came to Legal Aid when she discovered a misdemeanor on her record from long ago was preventing her from achieving financial stability.


“George” and “Betty” contacted Legal Aid because they were facing foreclosure on a home they had owned for 20 years. The adjustable rate loan they received from a dishonest mortgage broker had made their payments unaffordable. Surviving on modest retirement benefits and Social Security income, they could not afford their prescriptions, and they needed food stamps to buy groceries. 

Legal Aid intervened in George and Betty’s case and won a $32,000 judgment against the mortgage broker. George and Betty obtained a loan modification that resulted in a three percent fixed rate, reducing their mortgage payment by nearly $500 per month. Today, George and Betty can afford to remain in their home in which they raised their family.

With over thirty-three legal professionals and one social worker on staff, Legal Aid Society can address a client’s problems in a holistic manner. Resolving a client’s immediate crisis oftentimes requires intervention on multiple legal issues that are barriers to a client’s employment, healthcare, housing, or transportation.

“Ashley” and her two young children receive disability income and food stamps. When she fell behind in her mortgage payments and faced foreclosure, she contacted Legal Aid. Mounting debts from medical expenses prevented Ashley from making current payments on her mortgage. While Legal Aid Housing Unit attorneys negotiated with the mortgage company to modify Ashley’s loan, attorneys from Legal Aid’s Consumer Unit successfully resolved her outstanding debts. Another Legal Aid attorney worked with Ashley to obtain coverage for her future medical expenses. Ashley is now current on her mortgage, debt-free, and accessing necessary medical care without the worry of how the bills are paid.



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